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Family, Professionals and Workplace Interventions - San Francisco Interventionists & Addiction Consulting

There is Help ~ There is Hope

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction . . .
You have come to the right place

Addiction doesn’t play favorites and it doesn’t play nice.  It doesn’t care about social, economic or educational status.  You are beginning to see that you or someone you love is having trouble with alcohol, drugs or some other addiction.  Nasty consequences are mounting up; despair and pain are occupying more of your emotional life and valuable time.  But wait, a glimmer of hope when things are “okay” or get better ... for awhile... and then, all too soon the destruction begins again.  New attempts to control or stop the addiction, promises to change,  renewed efforts to better cope with personal, business, work and financial issues in the hope of relieving the "need" for the addictive behavior prove unsuccessful ... again.  Facing a sad reality, it becomes undeniably clear that everything tried in the past has not worked ... not for long ... not in any meaningful way.  As the cycle begins again, despair and pain are joined by frustration and anger.  Mounted efforts continue to fail and soon desperation, hopelessness, and even exhaustion join the emotional quagmire.

Welcome to the world of addictive disease.

For now, however, you are in a safe place, a place of help and hope. 

ARCS’s Mission

To heal and enrich the lives of individuals and families suffering with addictive disease. This is accomplished through systemic intervention and family workshops which provide:

  • Interactive education tailored to your entire family system
  • Confrontation of the disease, not individuals
  • Individualized recovery plans
  • Individual and family commitment to healthy change
  • Follow-up

Knowledge is power; know these truths about addiction:

Know also:

Let the healing begin.

A short confidential phone call can begin the healing process through our San Francisco Interventionists and Adddiction Consultants giving you information to work with right away to relieve the pain. Please call today and give yourself and your family the gift of recovery.

What is Intervention?

The word "intervention" in this context means "a process by which the harmful affects of chemical dependency or addiction are interrupted and the chemically dependent person or addict is helped into treatment."

Every alcoholic or addict who begins the journey of recovery does so by way of intervention. There are no exceptions.
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Why Intervene Professionally?

The tougher and better question is "Why NOT intervene professionally and do it now"? What is it that you are waiting for? Waiting is destructive and undesirable because:

  • The disease progresses
  • Long-term recovery is less likely
  • Negative consequences continue
  • Relationships are further damaged
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