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Why Systemic Intervention?

SFI is superior to other models of intervention for the following reasons:

Addiction is the focus, not the addicted person-Workshop participants focus on learning about the diseases of alcoholism, addiction and co-dependency. The focus is taken solely off of the addicted person and placed on the disease and what it is doing to that person and the family.

Addressing the family system as a whole-Alcoholism and addiction are family diseases impacting not only the alcoholic or addict, but all family members and close friends as well. SFI targets the disease of addiction and how this disease impacts each and every member of the family system individually and as a whole. The alcoholic has long been the primary, and often the exclusive, focus of this family. Family members have argued, worried, rescued, pleaded, avoided, supported and been totally obsessed with their loved one's addiction. In the SFI, this focus changes dramatically, often for the first time, off of the addict onto the family. It is time for this family to get help, for this family to address their fears, their concerns, their health. The alcoholic or addict is a part of the family, not the whole family.

Invitational-Unlike other models, SFI is invitational. With professional coaching, your loved one is openly, honestly and with love and respect invited to join the family in a 2-day workshop as you address the pain and suffering addiction has caused and begin this precious life-altering healing process together. Because of this, the hard feelings, anger and resentments that often accompany other forms of intervention are minimized or eliminated altogether. No one likes to be ambushed. Ambush is unnecessary. In many instances, it can be highly destructive. You fear if invited they won't come? Don't worry, they do. And, in the highly unlikely event they do not, the workshop takes place without them. In these cases, the family needs more help, not less.

Educational-Preparation for and participation in the 2-day family workshop educates all workshop participants about addictive disease, co-dependency, treatment options, resources, and recovery. Knowledge is power. With knowledge and new tools you and your family can make the best choices for your own health and healing.

Individualized Recovery Plans-Recovery is individual and personal. Each participant is provided their own recovery plan. The family begins recovery from co-dependency at the same time the addict begins recovery from addiction. This leads to a healthier family unit.

Why is SFI so powerful and effective?-If alcoholism and addiction are family diseases, then it stands to reason that recovery is a family affair. To effectuate change, the family system needs to change. The more people in the system that change, the more long-lasting the change will be and the more quickly it will be accomplished. This dynamic not only hastens recovery, but helps to ensure its long-term success. The chances of the alcoholic or addict getting clean and sober and staying clean and sober go up considerably when the family gets well.

With SFI you "lead" the way to recovery by inviting rather than "pushing". Your loved one begins their journey with you, feeling supported and respected thus allowing that person to focus on treatment rather than being weighed down with anger and resentment. When your loved accepts help, it is accepted with willingness as opposed to feeling forced or ambushed. You do not want to push your loved one into treatment, you want to lead them. When you lead by learning and getting well first, everyone stands the best chance of getting well and staying well.